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Bits and Bobs

A Harry Potter Fandom Community

Bit and Bobs
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Welcome to Bits and Bobs, A Harry Potter Fandom Community.

Starting this mostly so I can post doodles of my Marauder drawings, dabble in some fan fic, share icons I've made. Basicly any bit or bob on Harry Potter. A fun recipe, a tip, theory, just a mix of a lot.

Of course it's open to all to join and do the same. But theres some things to keep in mind.

Posting artwork, must be your own (if you want to post a favorite link to fan art that's ok too, I'll start setting up a Links Thread soon)

Put large images, spoilers, theories anything you might need this for use them behind a cut: Start with [remove the * and replace the words TEXT DESCRIBTION HERE with your own words] <*lj-cut text="TEXT DESCRIBTION HERE"*> End it off with <*/lj-cut*> [again, remove the *]

Should your story or art work have to rated first try using this rating system:
K -Kid Safe (like g & pg)
K+ - 13+ (like the pg-13 deal)
NK - Not Kid Safe (like r)
NK+ - Really not Kid Safe or Work Safe

Even if you don't use the above, make sure to note some kind of rating and post behind those cuts!

Feel free to share graphics like fo banners, image headers, icons that you've made.
Make HP Realated crafts, I know I do. Feel free to show them off here.
Make new friends, pass on the latest in HP Fandom world here. Just have fun.
Thanks for joining too! I'm workingon makeing the community look pretty, so bear with me. ^-^
Your mod, magicalspirit

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