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Title: Peter and The Fairy
By: magicalspirit
Rating: G
Pairing: None. Peter Pettigrew and Remus Lupin (nothing going on –5th years)
Disclaimer: JKR owns them, I play with them.
Beta'd by: tobiasdominik and ladylai [Thanks ♥ you both]

Peter and The Fairy

Peter Pettigrew was always shorter and huskier then his friends, James, Sirius and Remus. He would always keep his sandy blonde hair messy like James did; because he worshiped the ground he walked, like looking up to a big brother. James always did try to pull one over on Peter, like big brothers do. Like today, after he had visited with James earlier, Peter could be found in a bed of flowers, on his stomach with his head propped up by his hands, staring intently at one spot.

It was then, while crossing the lawns, Remus, with an armful of books, came across Peter; who was in the bed of flowers. He was taller then Peter, of course, but not as tall as James and Sirius. He kept a neat appearance; he was a prefect and good student. He quietly approached Peter, as to not disturb him, in case Peter was doing something for a class.

He watched for a moment and Peter just stared on straight ahead at the flowers, then cleared his throat and asked “Peter, why are you laying in a bed of flowers?”

Peter waved his hand up at Remus to hush him.

His brow frowned and again asked, “Why are you laying there?”

Finally, looking up at Remus, he told him “James told me, that fairies live in these flowers,” he said with a smile of innocence. “I’ve never seen one, so I thought I’d lay here and see if one came out,”

He sounded so hopeful, so full of innocence; Peter was always a gullible bloke.

“Peter,” Remus started out saying in the soft, quiet voice he always used when he knew Peter was being set up.

“I hate to be the one to tell you this,”

By now Peter was sitting up, kneeling on his knees, looking up at Remus. That look on Peter’s face was one of a child about to get his fantasy world broken with the truth.

Remus was going on to say “I think James was fooling you,” when Peter hushed him again, his eyes went wide, fixed on something in the flowers.

The sensible one of the group, the smart one, who kept his feet on the ground, couldn’t believe his eyes. ‘No, bloody hell, they are real,’ he thought to himself.

With an excited smile, yet being very quiet and still, they watched as a small, human shaped creature, with colorful wings, fluttered out and above the flowers. It waved at them, then giggled and flew off.

After a few moments of silence, Peter and Remus looked at each other, both smiling.

“You were saying, Remus?”
“I was saying,” he pondered a moment “I think James is going to feel like a fool when he hears about this,” he and Peter both laughed.

Cause you see, Remus knew James was trying to fool Peter, but it backfired. As innocent and gullible as Peter could be sometimes, he believed in the fairies and everything James told him.
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