Rachel (texasrachel) wrote in bits_and_bobs,

Saying hello

Name: Rachel (otherwise known as texasrachel
How You Found Us: magicalspirit of course
Favorite HP Book: GOF, no doubt
Favorite HP Movie: CS
Favorite HP Character(s): Snape
Favorite HP Actor(s): Alan Rickman, Dame Maggie Smith, pretty much any of the adults are wonderful
Favorite HP Pairing(s): I've been known to read Sirius/Remus, Draco/Hermione, Snape/Hermione, Snape/Lupin, Snape/Sirius or anything that gets my attention.

My little picture: So this week we went to an old western museum. They had a lot of stuffed animals. A lot. And then some. Including a freaking elephant's head. So while I was there, I found these wolves.


Moony and Padfoot
Padfoot and Moony

Okay, not quite Padfoot, but better than that skinny runt in POA. Also, that picture of the two wolves, I was backing up to get both of them in the picture when I bumped into a polar bear's mouth. Freaked me out b/c I knew there was a polar bear behind me, but I didn't expect it to bite me.
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Are those 'stuffed' wolves? *wibbles and shivers* I dunno, I think I agree with mom, even through that picture I can feel the pain of that wolf, surely hope it died naturally...but? I totally love it *hugs*

Are they real? like once were? or fakes to look real?
Yup, stuffed wolves. However, most of the animals in the museum were *old*. I know they had a longhorn from the 1800s. I think all the animals were leftovers from the "real men hunt" era. So yeah, it was a little creepy.
Ahhhhh ok ^^ yeah, as cool as that one was, if you stare long enough you expect it to move...