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Title: Magically Delicious
Author: ladylai
Genre: MWPP Humor
Rating: G
Pairing: None
Summary: Sirius discovers the wonders of Muggle cereal.
Disclaimer: I, sadly, do not own the Marauders, nor Lucky Charms. The amazing genius Jo Rowling deserves all credit for the former, and the crazy person who created the sugary delights of Lucky Charms for the latter.

Thanks Debbie magicalspirit for the idea all those so many months ago!

“You will not believe what I’ve found!” Sirius Black came running into the living room of the Potter residence, holding a box in his hands.

Remus, who had been enjoying a pleasant cup of tea, rolled his eyes. “Now what, Padfoot?” This wasn’t the first time Sirius had come running home with some outrageous object of admiration.

“Is there something neat inside the box?” James asked, looking interested.

“Our luck is in store, men. I have found just what we need!” He placed the box down on the table triumphantly. “Lucky Charms! And look, they’re edible…

“Merlin help us…” Remus muttered, placing his head into his hands.

“Isn’t that…cereal?” Peter asked.

“Yes, but it’s not just any cereal. It’s Lucky Charms cereal. Must be from Ireland or something. Anyway, I think if we eat the little charms inside, we’ll have good luck!” Sirius was beaming, that usual glint residing in his bright gray eyes.

“Sirius, that’s a Mug—“ But Remus was forced to stop speaking as he received a sharp jab in the ribs. He looked up and glared at James who, in return, winked at him.

“Right, Lucky Charms…so Sirius, how many do you think we need to eat before our luck changes?” James inquired, a glint in his own eyes.

“Er…I dunno.” He looks at the box. “It says here, serving size is ¾ cup.” He looks back up at James. “So maybe that much?”

“So in order to have luck we need to eat ¾ cup of those charms? Wonder how often…”

“Right, that’s what it says, serving size.” Sirius looks back at the box, scanning it. “Good gods, what is some of the stuff in here?” He raises an eyebrow.

“You don’t want to know, Pads. Listen, so back to the charms, you said you needed some luck, yeah?”

“Well, who doesn’t ever want some luck?”

“’Course, so since you need plenty of luck, if you know what I mean, you should try eating as many as you can!” James grins.

“Yeah, you know, I think you’re right. I mean, I really don’t see how only ¾ of a cup could really bring much luck. Can’t be much magic in such a small amount.”

“Exactly! So, you better see how much you can eat before tonight.” James winked.

“Yeah, I think I shall. Right-o then, I’m back to the kitchen!” Sirius grinned and, picking up the box, headed back to the kitchen happily.

“Oy, don’t forget! They taste good with milk!”
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