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Bits and Bobs

A Harry Potter Fandom Community

4/28/05 03:12 pm - clocktowerkiss

Name: Kaia
How You Found Us: At the Daily Snitch, actually.
Favorite HP Book: PoA, hands down. OotP comes a close second, although it's SAD.
Favorite HP Movie: Hmm, not sure.
Favorite HP Character(s): Luna, Remus, Sirius, Lily, and Hermione.
Favorite HP Actor(s): Two words: ALAN. RICKMAN. The other actors are lovely and talented, but to me, Alan is Snape. Which made for a bit of a shock when I saw Love Actually, heh heh.
Favorite HP Pairing(s): Remus/Sirius, naturally, James/Lily (pretty much the only het pairing) and Ginny/Luna, Ginny/Hermione... depends on the writer after that point. If you can make me believe it, I'll read it. Although I do harbour a soft spot for well-written Narcissa/Bellatrix. And Blackcest femslash in general. *hides from the rampaging plot bunnies*

4/28/05 12:02 pm - blue_amethyst - A quick hello :)

So I'm supposed to make a public introduction of myself here, right? I do not yet have a fic to post at the moment, but I promise it'll come some time soon. :)

Name: Ange (or Lav in HOL, but you can call me whichever)
How You Found Us: Debbie's LJ of course. :)
Favorite HP Book: PoA and GoF
Favorite HP Movie: HP SS for its originality and faithfulness to the book, and PoA for the awesome effects and the young actors' matured acting ability.
Favorite HP Character(s): The Gryffindor boys: Harry, Ron, Seamus, Dean, Neville; Draco; Marcus Flint; Theodore Nott; Hermione; Ginny; Pansy; Remus; Sirius; James; Lucius.
Favorite HP Actor(s): Alan Rickman, and Dan and Tom. Surprise surprise. :P
Favorite HP Pairing(s): I am a hardcore Harry/Draco shipper and am currently in love with Harry/Seamus. Marauders pairings: James/Lucius, James/Sirius, Sirius/Remus, James/Severus, Harry/Remus (I actually wrote a NC17 fic for this pairing).

That's all about me for now. :) My LJ is Friends Only but if you're willing to let me know who you are and where you found me from, I'll add you to my list. :)


Oh, wait, PS: *giggles* I had to take a double take at the name of this community because for a split second there I thought it was "Bites and (head) Bobs." *G*

4/28/05 02:21 am - magicalspirit - My first ever drabble...^-^

Title: Moony's Magical Fingers
By: magicalspirit
Rating: PG-implies an idea of something else going on...*smirks*
Pairing: Sirius/Remus implied, James-Sirius-Remus (Marauders Era, 6th year)
Disclaimer: JKR Owns them, I play with them.

Sometimes what you hear, isn't always what it seems...Collapse )

4/20/05 10:54 pm - magicalspirit - Welcome & Intros

Welcome to Bits and Bobs! Yet another HP Community for all your HP Fun! This is the welcome post of course. So please feel free to introduce yourself to me here, then make a public post and introduce yourself to the group.

I'm Debbie, I started this community to start posting my doodles and drawings of HP Characters. I'm not a great artist, I just doodle. So I thought I'd open the community to everyone out there.

I like to RP (Role Play, so I'll be plugging them about once a week, you know Pimp them)

So...let's get this community rockin'!
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